Sunday, April 13, 2008


Believe it or not, I'm really itching to start running again -- actually, it's driving me nuts that my injuries aren't healing fast enough to allow me to return to the trail -- right now! I tried some very light running (as in about 10 steps!) this afternoon and my knee and ankle quickly protested, announcing their intention to stay on vacation a bit longer. Ok, fine -- I'll surrender and allow them to rest a bit longer. Actually, I recalled the R.I.C.E. method of dealing with injuries today while visiting friends in Lausanne, so I made sure to Rest while eating Ice Cream and enjoying the Elevation of the nearby mountains that tower over Lake Geneva. Hopefully this will do the trick and I'll be able to return to running very soon!

Meanwhile, I've uploaded lots of photos to my MDS photo gallery. Please feel free to have a look. I've also included a couple interesting photos below, as well as a video clip from the evening of the post-long day, marathon stage.

Our first taste of steep dunes on Day 1.

Fortunately, this guy never camped out in my shoes or sleeping bag overnight.

I have more audio clips for the first few stages that I'll share over the next week or two. I can't close without thanking you again for your great support before, during, and after the race!



Brian said...

Wow, congratulations and welcome back! It was great following you along on your treacherous adventure. There must have been a funk hanging over the camp site every night that would scare ANYTHING away. Glad it did! Way to go and keep on reliving the memory with us.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

I can't wait to look through your photos!
You will run again, very soon..just let all the memories soak in:)

chocolate girl said...

I love the RICE method...must add that to my regime!! You just continue to enjoy the memories of your epic adventure. The pictures are fantastic! Thanks for making the time to take them...that takes effort during an event that demands so much focus and concentration. Welcome home.

gagliam said...

Wow, All I can say is amazing! I hope your healing process is quick! The videos are awesome.I dont think anyone would want to experience the blisters! Your accomplishments are outstanding! I am glad you made it home safe!

Mike Gagliano

Anonymous said...

We had a fun time with you guys here in Lausanne last weekend. I'm glad that we could help your recovery by encouraging the RICE method.