Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recovery Time!

I'm safely back home in Zürich, working on my next challenge: recovering from the MDS! I've got a nice collection of blisters and overuse injuries to heal, plus I need to work through the all-common post-race blues that always seems to greet the end to a big event that is such a huge focus for months and months, yet has suddenly come and gone. What thrills me to no end (and shakes off "da bluz") is the awesome support offered by so many people around the world to my charity initiative. I'm also touched by the wonderful emails of support and congratulations I've received (during and after the race). I didn't run this thing alone -- I ran it with hundreds of you at my side and I sincerely thank you for this. That said, I'm sure that we're all glad that only one of us has to deal with the battered feet and legs picked up along the way! In the coming days and weeks I'll be sharing lots about the race with writing, photos, and audio clips. To give you a bit of a teaser, I've included in this message an audio clip that I recorded from the bivouac after the epic long day. Just make sure your speakers are on and click the play button below to hear the description and emotion of an unexpected high placement finish after a nearly 50-mile run through the desert.
By the way, major thanks to Becky, who did a marvelous job updating the blog during the race!!

More great stories coming soon ...

All the best from Zuri,


Sean said...

Thanks for the audio clip! Can't wait to hear more!!

As for the injuries, just rub some chocolate in them and they'll be better in no time. ;-)

Michele Jensen said...

What a great audio clip! It made me emotional just listening to it. It was great sharing this experience with you - and you totally motivated me with your incredible running and attitude! Hope to see you at a race in the near future. Can you send me some of your pics from the tent? My email is Congrats - you did AWESOME!!!
Michele Jensen - fellow tent 77er..

chocolate girl said...

Wow! Thanks for recording that moment. I'm speechless.

Thomas said...

Great audio clip, thanks for recording and sharing it!

Thelma and Bob said...

Can't believe you had the energy remaining to share the day's feelings/experiences via videoclip, but so glad you did! I could 'hear' the big grin and the awe of the accomplishment in your voice. It was quite emotional to hear, and we thank you for sharing.