Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Race Updates

Want to follow the race without tracking sand through your house or having to check your shoes for scorpions every morning?! If so, please check my blog for daily updates. The race starts Sunday, March 30th. Becky will be monitoring several sources and will post daily updates right here on the blog. The race organizers set up a telecommunications area at the end of each stage and send/receive updates from the Internet via satellite overnight. If I can send an update from the race, I will - and Becky will post it on the blog.

You can also visit the official MDS site for news on the race. My race number is 493. Starting Saturday the 29th, you can send messages to me in the Sahara by following the instructions here. The race organizers will deliver the messages each night to the bivouac. I welcome any and all encouraging messages!

This is my last posting before starting my travels to the Moroccan Sahara. It’s time to set down my electronic pen and ... run ... starting with a run to catch a train to the airport!

Warm greetings from a snowy Zurich,



Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

go jeff go!!!

run like an eagle:)


bfinsc said...

Jeff- Congratulations for taking on such a worthy cause. I remember seeing you and Becky at the Kiawah Marathon several years ago, who knew it would lead to this?!? Best of luck to you in the next week and I'll be cheering you on from SC.
Bridget French (polidoro)

Roger said...

Good luck, Jeff!

We will be watching for updates and stories from the frontline.
Have a great adventure!

chocolate girl said...

Gooooooo Jeff!
Run like the wind!!!
Have F-U-N!